New construction foreclosures in MonroeGaHomeForeclosures is proud to announce that we have sold out at Meadow Walk, one of our communities of new construction foreclosures in Monroe. The last of the remaining 17 affordable homes in Walton County closed at the end of June, but we have plenty of other homes on the market at similar price points for house hunters to call their own.

With just a quick look at our Hot Sheet, you can see that we have over 200 homes on the market from which to choose. These homes are available at price points from entry level up to the highest quality, luxury foreclosure homes. We are excited to share homes in more locations around Georgia than any other, with opportunities available from Dahlonega to Locust Grove and beyond! Our qualified preferred lenders are ready to make sure you are able to get the best home you can comfortably afford and will help you save on your new home by helping to cover closing costs.

We also have a wide variety of rental and lease-purchase homes available. These are well-suited to those that would rather try an area before they buy or are looking for a residence while repairing their credit. These options are also available in all home styles and across all of Georgia.

Don’t miss your chance to get an amazing deal on a home at reset prices – just direct your browser to today!

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