For those of you that are hesitant to purchase a home, I think it is important for you to know that Forbes recently listed Atlanta as a Top 10 City to Buy a Home. As you well know, Atlanta’s real estate market has remained relatively stable in an otherwise unpredictable market and it is this along with our low new home prices that keeps Atlanta as a great place to buy a home. examined the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the country. Atlanta ranks 10th by among the best cities to purchase a home, and the article mentions Atlanta’s high growth rate and median home price of $172,000 as one of the reasons for its high ranking. Home price appreciation over the past two years averaged 7 percent among the top 10 cities.

The top 10 cities are listed as follows:

1. Houston
2. Austin, Texas
3. St. Louis
4. Philadelphia
5. San Antonio, Texas
6. Dallas
7. Charlotte, N.C.
8. San Francisco
9. Jacksonville, Fla.
10. Atlanta

So, if you have reservations about purchasing a new home, I hope this has helped to ease your mind a little. Do remember to shop around as many new homebuilders are offering incentives, many of which aim at building consumer confidence.

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