One of the best things about the Halloween holiday is being able to decorate your new Augusta home with ghosts, ghouls and goblins. Some people may go all out decorating their home, turning it into a very spooky haunted house. Or, you can save a few dollars and add just a few hauntingly good touches. No matter your preference, here are a few ideas on how to decorate your home for Halloween:

  • Stage a spooktacular scene in your front yard by setting up a skeleton head, arms and legs as if he’s relaxing on his final resting spot. Add an extra touch with a fake headstone you create out of Styrofoam, or buy one from a party-supply store.
  • Dress up your garage door by covering it with Halloween images. Use bats, witches and cats cut from black foam sheets and attach them with removable black cloth tape.
  • Paint gourds white and add ghostly expressions with black paint. Then, hang your gourd ghosts from your home’s rafters or tree branches and watch them “fly” in the wind.
  • Light up the night with petite pumpkins. You can hang carved jack o’ lanterns from shepherd’s hooks, or line them up along your sidewalk. Be sure to use battery-powered candles for illumination to eliminate the risk of fire.
  • Craft a creepy, crawly spider tree by wrapping stringy, white cotton batting or a similar material around the branches of a tree. Then, attach small plastic spiders to create the illusion of a giant spider web.

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