happy couple buying a new home shaking hands with real estate agent in from of sold sign.

Buying a new home can be a confusing process. New American Funding’s new Home Buyers Guide was featured on an episode of Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV. This guide makes the homebuying process easier for all potential new homebuyers in the market. Kim Arrington with New American Funding explains that often the process of buying a home can be incredibly overwhelming.

The premise of the guide is to keep things simple. The guide walks homebuyers through the journey of what to expect and what’s the next step in the home ownership journey. It gives an overview of who the players are in this entire process, including the real estate agent, the loan officer, the insurance agent, the title officer, the settlement agent and the home inspector. New American Funding can also work with you by referring different people to work with outside of an appraiser.

The process to buying your home is also highlighted by including all of the steps it takes to buy your dream home. The guide is there to make it easier for homebuyers if they’re not sure on where to begin. The guide is also there to help new homebuyers to understand the vocabulary and mortgage terms and what is needed to present in order to get pre-approved for a home loan. The guide is also used to explain if New American Funding provides different programs to aid new homebuyers. Some programs they offer are down payment programs or a renovation guide. This guide can also be useful for first time investment property buyers.

The guide is helpful when it comes to what your monthly payment might consist of. It explains if HOA is included in the mortgage payment or whether or not the county has two tax payments: city and county. The dos and don’ts of a monthly mortgage payments are also listed in the guide and that is an important section of this pamphlet. One “do” that is listed is to educate yourself about the homebuying and home financing process and to make sure that the homebuyer meets short and long-term financial goals. A “don’t” listed is to not allow bank accounts to go in the negative, even if there is overdraft protection in place.

To learn more about the homebuying process from New American Funding, to receive  Home Buyers Guide, or to receive weekly information, visit here or call 770-882-2712.

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