Credit Score does not have to suffer when hunting bargainsJust like when you are shopping for your Atlanta new home, it is important to shop around when it comes time to financing. There are many options out there, from full banks to mortgage corporations, and each have different programs that can help you get the best deal on the biggest purchase of your life. The problem is that multiple checks can expose and lower your

credit score. The Equifax finance Blog has a new article explaining how to take advantage of systems designed to stop your credit score from hurting as a part of being a good bargain hunter in the new article, “

Will Interest Rate Shopping Hurt My Credit Score?

Multiple inquiries need to be handled carefully, but you should avoid post problems if you make all of them within 30 days and make sure they are for the same kind of purchase and loan type. This means you need to arm yourself with information about the different financing options before you apply. Making five applications on a $200,000 conventional home loan will be much safer for your credit score than making applications for conventional and adjustable rate mortgages, or at varying amounts in the event you are flexible on how much you want to put down on the initial deposit.

To learn more about how to keep your credit score high and use the best

identity theft protection, check out the helpful tips on the Equifax Finance Blog.

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