Prevent identity theft while house huntingThe the real estate market warming up, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with how the online real estate searches work, and where you can find the best deals. The Equifax Finance Blog’s real estate experts have tips about how to sharpen your 2013 house hunt in the new article, “

Secrets of Online House Hunting.”

First, you need to recognize that there is a big limitation to hunting for a house online: information accuracy. When a home is listed, it is distributed through various sites, and the information on each site may not be the most recent version. If possible, check the brokerage’s website for the home’s listing agent, where data is often kept more up to date. Doing so will keep you up to date a home’s price and availability.

In addition, keep these tips in mind:

  • House hunting takes time, and it will reward those who are patient and attentive. Check listings several times a day for the right home for you.
  • Make sure at least one site you use is a leading local brokerage in your market. You don’t usually have to use the services of that brokerage in order to access its listings, and don’t have to use an agent to find your perfect home but you may find it to be a big help. Be sure to use a variety of additional sites, too.
  • Sign up for email notifications of new listings and price changes so that you can be aware of new opportunities, but don’t give away much of your personal information to be sure to

    prevent identity theft.

The Equifax Finance Blog has lots more information about the state of the real estate market as well as home buying and selling tips.

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