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Georgia Power’s Jeff Smith shares a few energy efficiency tips in this video that can help your family save on power costs throughout the entire year! Around the holidays, many Atlanta homeowners light up their homes by plugging in festive holiday lights. These tips can help to save some cash while you light up your real estate!

Smith explains that lighting makes up ten percent of your home’s typical energy usage per month. If someone in your family has a tendency to leave lights on throughout the day, it really can add up depending on the type of light bulbs and power output they use.

Lights are often left on during the day for security purposes because many people do not like to return to a dark home at night. While this is great for security, it may not be so good for your wallet. Smith suggests using lights with daylight sensors, timers or motion detection, so the light will come on automatically when it is needed. This can save cash and energy in the long run, while still allowing someone arriving home at night to feel secure.

Changing your current light bulbs to high energy efficient light bulbs can also make a huge difference. Smith states that these new bulbs can last up to ten times longer than old bulbs, and they often use up to seventy five percent less energy. Another benefit to these bulbs is the fact that they put off less heat while on, which can help keep your home cool during the summer time!

Energy Star Certified lighting products are fun to use while decorating your home, as the variety of colors offered can set the mood in a room. If you have a dim bathroom, add some bulbs that feature the bright ‘daylight’ effect. The possibilities are endless!

For more energy saving information, please visit Georgia Power’s website at www.georgiapower.com/save.

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