Augusta new home paint colorsWhen it comes to buying an Augusta new home, many of us love to imagine all of the decorating possibilities that our new home will provide us with. However, these daydreams can easily come to a halt when considering what color of paint to choose, as painting is usually the first step many home owners go with.

Don’t get stuck in a decorating rut! We have some great tips for homeowners to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal palette for your home. Once you find that perfect shade to match your home’s personality, decorating your new home is sure to become fun again!

Step #1 Have a favorite wall color?

Chances are, once you’ve started thinking about wall colors for your home, a trip to your local home improvement store will soon follow. While you’re there, go ahead and take a variety of color swatches; then when you go home, take some time to organize the colors swatches (crayons can be substituted for color swatches too) from your most to least favorite shades. Other house members can participate as well, so all of the common color choices can be put together. This can help you see if you prefer bright/energetic colors, cool/calming colors, natural/relaxed colors, etc.

Step #2 Color Experiments

After narrowing down your color choices, it’s time to go paint shopping! But be sure you are keeping your furniture and other home décor in mind when considering paint colors. When you’re ready, buy a few small cans of your favorite wall colors and some poster board. Paint each piece of poster board with each color you have purchased. After the paint dries, place the poster boards around the room (or rooms) in question. Leave the squares up for a few days so you can see the colors in various lighting, and be sure to move them up, down and all around the room. Within a few days your favorite paint choice should become apparent.

Step #3 Still Need Help?

If the above methods fail to help you figure out what color you want to paint on the walls of your new home in Augusta, take a look at some of the things you already own. You can take fabric small décor pieces to home improvement stores do to a color match. If the paint sample looks too dark or bright for you walls, lighten it by a shade or two.

Of course, the professional staff at our Design Studio are also always on hand for a consultation. Our experts can guide your family through tough design choices such as paint colors, lighting, cabinetry, flooring and more! To schedule an appointment, please contact the Design Studio.

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