February Agent Spotlight by SR Homes: Ming Zhou

Local home builder SR Homes is proud of its relationships with the agents and Realtors that make its communities great. To better emphasize those agents, the builder is highlighting a new agent each month that has sold an SR home.

The February Agent Spotlight features Ming Zhou with Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate Services, who recently sold a new home at Ellsworth in Johns Creek. Get to know Ming by the interview responses below:

  1. How long have you been in the industry? I have been in real estate for four years.
  2. Why would you say clients choose you over other agents and Realtors in our market? I think I’m a good listener; I listen to my clients’ needs and do my best to service them. I’m also responsive, I answer my clients’ questions in a timely manner, always do my best to answer my phone calls or text messages.
  1. What do you love about being a real estate agent? I love the variety of challenges that are thrown at me every day. Every transaction is different. I’m also in commercial real estate and I love helping business owners start or grow their businesses.
  1. If you weren’t in real estate, what other job would you love doing? I would love to build a digital marketing company to help feature the stories of all our small business owners.
  1. You are being featured because one of our clients recently purchased in an SR community. Can you tell us why they decided on a SR home? SR Homes provides top-notch service and really listened and catered to my client’s needs. Patti Swann was lovely to work with, easily one of the best co-op agents that I have encountered in my four-year career.
  1. Is there an area in our market you focus on? If so why? I focus in the Johns Creek market since that’s where my clients are.
  2. What is your favorite quote? “I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome.”
  3. If you had a theme song that played every time you met new clients, what would it be? Waitin’ On a Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen

SR Homes is continually grateful for agents that bring their clients to SR communities. To learn more about available new home homes throughout the metro Atlanta area, visit www.SRHomes.com.

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