Identity Protection site launchedThere is a new resource to help consumers stay safe from one of the most dangerous and pervasive forms of financial damage – identity theft. With resources and lessons on the new site, consumers can get expert advice and stories from victims in different areas of identity theft, including tax identity theft, medical identity theft and child identity theft.

For instance, consumers can get information on topics like:

• Tax identity theft: Tax identity theft is becoming an epidemic in the United States, with incidents identified by the IRS increased 265% in the first 9 months of 2012. With plenty of people still filing for extensions and leaving themselves vulnerable to having their refund and identity stolen, it is a critical time to learn how to protect from tax identity theft. Third-party tax expert Bill Nemeth offers tips consumers can use to help protect themselves.

• Identity theft and credit: the importance of protecting personal information and questioning requests for sensitive information has lapsed among many consumers, and non-electronic methods are still the easiest way to lose your identity and credit score. Mechel Glass, vice president of community outreach at CredAbility, will discuss the how important it is to protect personal information and the impact a breach can have on consumer credit.

Be sure to visit and bookmark for the best written and video content about how to incorporate best practices and avoid suffering from what could be a debilitating loss for yourself and your children. If you need more than just advice and tips on how to avoid kinds of identity theft, you can enlist the services of the Equifax Complete line of protection plans, where experts will always be on the lookout for you with both identity theft protection and privacy protection.

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