Mortgages safer from types of identity theftWhen it comes time to get a mortgage, it seems like the huge huge number of forms required to make sure everything is legal and binding is never-ending. One of those forms, the Internal Revenue Service’s Requests for Transcript of Tax Return form, known as the “4506-T” is getting supercharged to make it easier, faster and safer for everyone to get a mortgage with secured e-signature technology.

The 4506-T is a required form for nearly every mortgage and now Equifax and DocuSign will streamline more than 25 million 4506-T forms with tamper-proof, accelerated delivery which will wipe out some paper-based

types of identity theft. The changes are easy, and take place during the normal tax transcript ordering process and eliminate the need for the lender to collect the signature separately and upload the signed document. From there, Equifax processes the document and makes sure it is properly filed with all due haste to the IRS.

By providing this value-added service, Equifax is helping to make mortgages safer and faster for everyone from the borrower to mortgage lenders, credit unions, credit card companies, and other lending institutions. This push to help loans move smoother and safer for consumers, just like Equifax’s credit monitoring services do.

To learn more about all the services Equifax offers, from receiving your free credit report to advanced

ID monitoring and protection, visit

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