Share your tips to save money and you could win bigIf you have some cool ideas about how to

save money, and are handy with a video camera, you could win big with the new

Equifax Family Money Matters Video contest! This new contest gets you to share with Equifax and its readers how you use money, including spending, saving, investing and more. It’s all about getting ideas from real people saving real money. The top five videos will receive a free one-year subscription to Equifax’s newest credit monitoring service and the grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Discover Gift Card! To be eligible to win, you have to submit your video by October 7, and voting for the best movies opens on October 15.

The videos won’t be judged on technical ability, but on content. Keep this breakdown in mind when you are coming up with ideas:

  • 30% Relevance to Family Money Matters topic
  • 30% Usefulness of the information
  • 30% Shared stories and examples about how your family money tips and tricks have changed the way you manage your family’s finances
  • 10% Creativity

We look forward to receiving lots of videos, and don’t forget to check back with the Equifax Finance Blog for all manner of

personal finance advice, from college savings to real estate strategy and more!

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