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REALTOR Magazine recently introduced their new look to the world – a sleeker, more organized publication whose industry trends, insights and best practice articles are easily and efficiently ready by “you.” Here are a few of their best ideas, designed to help your company succeed.

Take it outside REALTOR realized after seven years of the same style that it needed a makeover. If you find that your team or agents have been in a slump recently, help get them get outside of themselves – literally, take them outside of the office – by hosting a team retreat. Taking them out of their element will allow them to get a fresh perspective.

Seek and you shall find – With the market back on the rise, the publication not only wants to make an impact on their traditional readers, but also another audience. They did their homework and uncovered a new market that they weren’t tapping into: a new generation of home-buyers, young professionals and industry leaders. Then they strategically determined how to make themselves more appealing to them. Seeking new opportunities for your company’s growth – like hosting a Realtor breakfast – will put your company ahead of the pack.

Organization is keyREALTOR reorganized the sequence of their articles to feature the “newsier” topics toward the front, and the features toward the middle and back in order to make the most of their readers’ time. Organizing and prioritizing your day, whether it is your calendar, inbox, or actual office space will help you cut through the clutter and be as efficient as possible.

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