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At Edward Andrews Homes, we believe that choosing the right look for your lifestyle is important throughout every aspect of your home. Whether it’s choosing your table settings, outdoor lighting or the finish on your door knobs, all of these combined elements must be chosen to fit what you want. After all, decorating your home is your opportunity to make it uniquely yours.

Each year, paint giants, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr choose what they think will be the top picks for homeowners’ hues. Here are a few of their picks for 2014:

The new neutral – More and more homeowners are moving away from the traditional neutral tones of white, tan and beige and are moving toward what Benjamin Moore calls “the new neutral.” This palette, with hues like Iced Mauve and Palladian Blue, takes the undertones of the classic mix and throws in a little hint of “oomph” to create a more subtle and versatile version of the original dynamic colors.

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Natural avocation – With names like “Sunday Afternoon” and “Arboretum,” Behr’s palette is sure to please any nature-enthusiast wishing to capture a slice of the great outdoors and reel it into their home.

Reasoned – Sherwin-Williams’ new palette, Reasoned, has taken “grey is the new black” to another level. Deep, luxurious colors like Peppercorn and Classic French Grey are rooted in our psyche to create an element of luxury underscored by a touch of mystery.

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