It is nearly impossible to find an industry that is not struggling right now.  Congress has sent a few billion here and a few billion there.  Congress also removed one thing that was helping buyers buy houses, down payment assistance, and replaced it with a housing tax credit.  The tax credit is nice for first time home buyers, but more needs to be done.  Home owners, home buyers, real estate agents, home builders, suppliers and contractors will all benefit if a good plan is put in place.  Not to mention the indirect positive affect on bankers, car dealers, restaurants, etc.

Fix Housing First has some great ideas on how to help out the housing industry without spending billions of dollars.  The basics include a larger tax credit that would be available at the time of closing instead of when taxes are filed and a low interest rate for the term of the loan.  The bailout of the auto manufacturers may save jobs in the short term, but will do little to spur an economic recovery.  For every house sold there is an immediate economic impact.  Take a few minutes and write or email your U.S. Congress person today.

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