It’s time to put down the cookies, caramel bark and hot fudge, and start on some New Year’s resolutions. Good news is that eating healthy doesn’t mean completely taking your favorite foods, and baked goods, out of your day.

“Staying true to wellness goals in the New Year doesn’t always mean cutting out your favorite foods,” stated an article in Family Features. “In fact, having delicious meal options makes it easier to keep resolutions on track by increasing satiety and curbing the impulse to over-eat.”

One tip to stay on track is to eat nutritious meals that aren’t complicated, such as pork tenderloin. These meals fill you up, and you eat less junk food. Another idea is to control portion sizes by reserving part of the dish for later use. The left-overs can be saved for a later meal or even tomorrow’s lunch.

When going back to work, nutritious meals such as salads can be prepared the night before and packed in lunch and snack containers with lids. Be sure to get good containers, you don’t want any leak disasters when bringing salads to work!

If winter cravings hit, don’t fall back on the cookies. Instead, check out the seasonal options of flavored tea bags. Candy cane or sugar cookie tea will give that sweet satisfaction without all of the calories. If tea is not your thing, grab your favorite fruit and dunk pieces in sugar-free vanilla pudding. The snack cups are perfect for this.

Make this the year that eating healthy becomes a habit. Start in your Atlanta new home and continue at work. That way, you can have a new resolution next year!

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