Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to go greener? Georgia Power has rolled out a new portfolio of options for those homeowners and builders looking to make green changes to their Atlanta real estate.

Earth Cents, as it is called, is a new set of energy-efficiency programs to help Georgia Power’s customers cut back on energy usage, save money and protect the environment. The program will give customers knowledge and tools to make their home more energy-efficient.

Some of the energy-efficient features of an Earth Cents new home include insulation, sealed ductwork, weather-stripped doors and windows and high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment.

The programs can save homeowners an estimated $400 per year, fewer drafts, more even internal temperatures  and a higher value when the time comes to sell the home.

The information found at Earth Cents’ Web site is full of thoughtful tips, discounts and rebates, and puts customers in touch with local contractors to help them accomplish some of the more involved suggestions.

Homes are independently certified for third-party verification ensuring energy efficiency. To be considered Earth Cents homes, Atlanta new homes must pass a Home Energy Rating System audit, the heating and water heating systems must be electric and the owners must be Georgia Power customers.

For more information on the program, visit Georgia Power.

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