Facebook IQ, the social network’s insights unit that helps marketers understand their audiences’ behaviors both online and offline, recently conducted research into the use of mobile phones during a move. The team surveyed more than 4,000 people who had recently moved across Britain, the Netherlands, France, Poland and the United Arab Emirates to gain an understanding of the mobile habits of people who are planning to move or are in the process of moving.

Marketers should pay careful attention to the results of the survey and be mindful as to how they can better reach their audiences based on the results, because it turns out that mobile phones and social media play a huge role in the moving process.

For example, when a person is planning a move or researching a move, online channels, such as apps, social media, search engines, blogs and digital maps dominate as research tools (57 percent of those surveyed used these tools). Additionally, via these channels, 24 percent of people ask friends and family for recommendations on where to live, what moving firm to use and more.

Further, the research revealed important milestones along the timeline of moving that marketers need to be aware of so they can know the right moment to target people who are moving with messaging, advertising and more. Six months before a move, the moving person decides on their location. This is a great time for realtors to promote homes, communities, apartment complexes or even certain areas to people who are looking to move. Between three months and one week before a move, the moving person actually decides on their house, apartment property and mortgage lender. One month before moving, the moving person books the movers for assistance. Immediate before the move, they decide on their home insurance provider. Immediately after the move, the choose a phone/TV supplier, broadband supplier and utility supplier. Finally, within the month after the move, the moving person begins buying new furniture. Awareness of these steps helps marketers in all aspects of moving reach these target audiences.

Finally, half of the people who were surveyed said their social media connections make a move easier, as they can keep up with their family and friends back home and quickly make new connections in their new location. Eighty-one percent of these used messaging apps to keep up and make new connections, while 48 percent used Instagram and 82 percent used Facebook. These numbers should help marketers recognize how powerful social media and digital channels are when it comes to preparing for and making a move. Marketers can not only reach their intended markets, but also reduce the stress their clients’ and customers’ experience during a move.

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