Paran HomesExplore the December issue of the BC Rewards newspaper, and learn what the leading suppliers and builders are up to and discover new resources to increase your efficiency and productivity.

In this issue:

“Paran Homes: Where Quality Lives”

In the midst of one of the nation’s worst housing markets, at a time when many home builders halted construction, David “Butter” Smith founded Paran Homes. From Butter’s perspective, the market conditions presented a once in a lifetime opportunity. Starting from scratch in a depressed Atlanta market, Paran Homes has defied all the odds. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past two years. Since the inception of Paran Homes in August of 2010, they have sold approximately 80 homes within their first two years and are on track to close 85 homes this year.

BC Rewards is proud to honor Butter and the Paran Homes team as our December featured builder.

Earn BC Reward Points from Woodman Insulation, BC Rewards’ December Featured Supplier

Since 1986, Woodman Insulation has been the leading provider of insulation products and services to professional builders and remodelers. Over the years, to better serve their customers, they have expanded their product lines to include fireplaces, garage doors, gutters, house wrap and metal. If you are not utilizing all of the products and services they offer, NOW is the time to do so. By purchasing all of the product lines offered, you will benefit from streamlined purchasing operations and more quickly accumulate valuable Reward Points!

Be sure to check out the growing list of BC Rewards Sponsors; the industry’s most prestigious suppliers award Reward Points to builders who make purchases from them and pay their invoices in full and on time. If you aren’t doing business with our Sponsors, you are letting valuable Reward Points slip away!

Also in this month’s issue we’ve included a special section on the International Builders’ Show (IBS), the largest annual light construction show in the world—over miles and miles of the latest and most advanced building products and services ever assembled. See all of the latest innovations for yourself with hands-on demonstrations and working models in over 300 building industry categories at the National Association Home Builders’ annual convention.

All of this and much more is just a click away in the December issue of the Builders Club Rewards newspaper….Enjoy!

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