Atlanta dog parksIs your dog giving you that look like you need to get off the sofa and pick up that long-neglected walking leash? Well, there’s no time like to present to go out and get some exercise with your dog at one of the many beautiful nature centers, parks or recreation areas near metro Atlanta new homes.

Here are just a few four-paw rated dog walking options:

  • Reynolds Nature Preserve: With more than 146 acres of natural land and an extensive network of hiking trails ranging up to four miles long, this park is the perfect option for some expansive and scenic trail walking. If you’re feeling ultra adventurous you can even take a walk through the forest in the neighborhood.
  • Dog Hikers of Georgia: Established for dog owners to mix and mingle with other dog owners, this park is not only a great place for you and your dog to get some exercise, but also go meet new people and socialize with fellow dog-owning friends.
  • Sweetwater Creek State Park: This park’s three trails span a total six miles, and feature the ruins of a historic mill that was burned down during the Civil War, as well as a wonderful waterfall in the midst of the greenery of the forest.
  • Big Creek Greenway: This 12-foot wide paved trail through essentially unblemished forest runs from Roswell up through Alpharetta. This park is a great place to roller blade, bike or walk your dog, and has many exits and entrances so you won’t be forced into excessively lengthy exercise.
  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area: This area is characterized by trails on either side of the river and runs for several miles. There are also ample picnic and barbequing areas that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Get here fairly early in the evening to reserve yourself a picnic area as the tables quickly fill up.

Cooler fall weather will soon be here, so now is the perfect season to start exploring the many Fido-friendly park options in your Atlanta neighborhood.

Do you have a favorite spot to take your four-legged canine companion? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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