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The kids are back in school, fall is in the air and everyone is playing sports again. Popular fall sports include football, ice hockey, soccer, tennis and of course, that all-American game of baseball. Playing sports requires kids to have a sports physical to make sure they are healthy enough to play, and chances are your school or youth sports team will require a copy of your child’s health insurance for them to play.

Equifax Finance Blog writer Linda Rey shares some information in her article, “

Sport Health Insurance for Kids: What Parents Need to Know.” Understanding that the last thing you want to purchase is another health insurance plan, Rey suggest that you review your regular health insurance plan to make sure that it includes sports insurance coverage.

Rey spoke to the claims depeartment of a major health insurance carrier and found that there were not exclusions for specific sports related activities. However, she still strongly suggest that you check your coverage and review it with your agent. Your child’s sports phyisical is probably covered by your copay or deductable as well.

If your child is traveling out-of-state or out of the country for games, you’ll want to review what is covered in these instances. If your child will be traveling internationally, you may want to also talk to your agent about travel insurance.

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