Texting and driving has become an epidemic. You may have even asked yourself, “Will texting while driving affect my car insurance?”  It can be seen happening in parking lots, on back roads and even on the freeways. Seeing someone type away while at the wheel is a common occurrence, and that fact is terrifying. Texting and driving is illegal all throughout the country, and breaking this law can adversely affect your car insurance in Atlanta.

In Georgia, the state’s texting law reads: “All drivers are prohibited from writing, sending or reading any text based communication, including but not limited to a text message, instant message or email. Offenders will be subject to prosecution and penalties.”

The penalties referenced above include points against driving records, $150 fines and increased car insurance rates. These rates will increase because the cost of covering injuries and damage resulting from car accidents is expensive.

Not to mention, if you cause an accident due to texting and driving, it is considered a personal liability in the state of Georgia. This means you can receive up to two years of jail time or be personally sued if someone is injured.

Remember these facts the next time you buckle up, and don’t pick up your phone until you reach your destination. If you do, you could be seriously impacted.

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