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Searching for a new home online? With all the home builder websites,, Zillow and Redfin, are you asking, “Do I need a Realtor to buy a house?” You can literally find what you are looking for online, so why do you need a Realtor?  Well, looking at available listings is just the start of the home buying process. First-time home buyers and relocators often find themselves muddying through unknown districts and confusing real estate terms in an effort to find their dream home.

Hiring a Realtor often saves buyers time, money and impending headaches, especially when attempting to navigate unknown local markets and tricky negotiations. While this may sound like an unnecessary step to add on top of an already huge to-do list, here are six reasons why home buyers should hire a Realtor!

  1. Realtors know the area.

    A new district means new schools, new jobs, new restaurants and new communities. Local Realtors have years of experience and familiarity with the area buyers are moving to. A buyers agent works to figure out what the home buyer needs and what their priorities are to determine the right area of town, as well as the right home, perfect neighborhood, home financing, etc., while keeping all of this within the buyer’s budget.

  2. Realtors know the real estate market.

    Realtors have plenty of data and information on the state of the housing market. With the ups and downs with lumber and building materials and the super-hot resale market this is more important than ever. They know when a listing is a great deal – or not. They also have knowledge of local homes that are for sale often before they are even listed. Plus, they have intimate knowledge of the new home builders and upcoming communities in the area if new construction is something you’re interested in. Their extensive knowledge of the market helps homebuyers get the most bang for their buck!

  3. Realtors have negotiation skills.

    Buyers who frequent antique stores or yard sales may think they are good at negotiating a price, but it is a completely different ballpark when it comes to the real estate market. Realtors are skilled negotiators that deal with sellers and other agents daily. Let them take the reins and to get the best price possible while doing the hardest part of the process for you! They have ideas on how to negotiate the price that you never thought of.

  4. Realtors handle contracts.

    Buying a house involves more than picking a home and signing on the dotted line. Home contracts consist of pages and pages of addendums and disclosures that a Realtor reviews. It is their job to gather, prepare and understand all of the documentation that is required to buy a house, which is great news for anyone uninterested in spending hours highlighting tedious details. The Realtor ensures the buyer is protected and that all the nitty-gritty details and conditions are working in their favor. Got any questions? Your Realtor is there to explain it all.

  5. Realtors find the best home.

    This is arguably the most important reason to hire a Realtor. It is literally their job to help buyers find their dream home. Our advice to you? Sit back, relax and let the Realtor do what they do best.

  6. Realtors can help with future buys.

    Use the same Realtor for any future purchases. In the end, agents depend on referrals to grow their business, and they make all efforts to ensure buyers are happy and satisfied. So, recommend them to your friends and family.

Looking for a new home in a new location is stressful. Balancing a jam-packed schedule becomes less terrible with a Realtor by your side. With someone handling the tedious amounts of paperwork, price negotiations and dream-house finds, moving two towns over or two states away isn’t a big deal.

If relocating to Atlanta, find details on new home communities in metro Atlanta by clicking here. KNOWAtlanta also has a team of in-house agents that will be happy to work with home buyers in need of a Realtor:

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