On this week’s Around Atlanta Edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Katie Miner, general manager of ADAC, to discuss the upcoming Discover ADAC Fall Market.

“ADAC is the place where interior designers go to shop for all of their interior design projects,” said Miner. “We have everything you could possibly need to decorate the home.”

According to Miner, ADAC stocks everything from furniture, accessories and antiques to wall coverings, fabric, floor coverings, bath tile, home automation and framing and more!

ADAC is the largest design center in the Southeast, covering a 10-state region. Designers come not only from the Atlanta area, but even from Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee to complete their projects.

Since October 2012, ADAC has been open to the public, meaning anyone who is a homeowner or renovator, not in a professional capacity, has access to ADAC and its products.

Discover ADAC Fall Market is coming up next week. From September 26 through 29, the public is invited to join design and architectural experts at ADAC for four days filled with a variety of activities for home lovers of all stages.

In addition to being an excellent learning event, Discover ADAC is also an exceptional networking opportunity. An assortment of guests recognized for their work in the design and architectural industry will be in attendance as well as signing autographs in their own publications.

Other activities include demonstrations, presentations, discussion panels, a cocktail party with live jazz music, various lunches and all kinds of things for people to visit throughout the day.

Discover ADAC is a ticketed event, so register here. For more information, visit ADACAtlanta.com or call 404-231-1720.

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