Be sure to check out Dina Gundersen’s radio interview on YouTube. Dina is the Marketing Director for Monte Hewett Homes, a premier Atlanta home builder. Recently, she was interviewed by Dot Blum during the Bright Spot program on Radio Sandy Springs. The two of them discussed the current Atlanta real estate market and why now is a great time to buy a new home. Dina even touches on the fact that many consumers dismiss Atlanta home builders saying now is a great time to buy and why they shouldn’t be so quick to turn a deaf ear. She of course talks about Monte Hewett, his work throughout the metro Atlanta area and what he does that makes him stand out.

If you missed this fantastic interview with a key marketing professional in the Atlanta real estate industry, then catch it on YouTube. The radio interview was uploaded with a slideshow of new homes in Atlanta built by Monte Hewett Homes.

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