Avatron USA Development LLC, a California-based company, has announced plans to build a technology-based theme park in Bartow County. Dubbed “Avatron Smart Park,” this Atlanta-area attraction would consist of 713 acres of interactive 3D worlds and augmented reality to create a completely immersive technology-driven experience for guests.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, Avatron USA will draw on the expertise of Hollywood’s leading visual effects professionals to create the digital theme park. Among the many unique experiences offered at Avatron Park, guests will explore virtual worlds, embark on simulated treasure hunts and choose from a variety of digital games. Additionally, Avatron USA will offer opportunities for guests to engage with the park’s attractions both before and after their visit.

Avatron Smart Park will offer guests the opportunity to experience new realms through interactive virtual experiences. Visitors of all ages are invited to create their own 3D avatar and embark on an exciting adventure throughout the park, which will include three separate sections: “New Earth,” “The Nose Knows” and “Ghost Pets.” Experiences will be created through the use of 3D videos, augmented reality, 4D technology sensors, holograms, RFID wristbands and Kinect sensors.

Afterhours, Avatron Park will be transformed into a unique nightclub through the use of light, sound, video, motion and projection technologies. The park will feature a 10,000-seat amphitheater for music events and DJ performances, offering partygoers an unforgettable night of dancing and fun!

While the details of the project remain a bit fuzzy, Avatron USA is hoping to create an entertainment complex including two hotels, retail space and possibly a music venue. Avatron Smart Park would join the new LakePoint Sporting Complex, located in Emerson and Cartersville. According to Avatron CEO David Garrett, the company is planning to purchase the site from Paga Mine Properies. Pending zoning approvals, Avatron Smart Park is estimated to open in July of 2018.

To learn more information about this exciting Atlanta-area development, visit www.AvatronPark.com.




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