Level Craft Construction Mudroom Feature

Providing storage and ensuring the main areas of the home remain polished and neat, the mudroom is a connector between the outdoors and the home’s interior and offers the perfect space for backpacks, purses, coats, shoes, dog leashes, sports gear and much more. This home addition saves space and decreases clutter in high-traffic areas allowing the rest of the home to stay organized and clean!

Several Level Craft Construction custom homes feature mudrooms that enhance the home’s personality and perfectly reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle with the construction company’s personalized touch. The Level Craft Construction team integrates customized details into every project to meet clients’ specific wants and needs.

Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate a mudroom within your custom home:


Ideal for homeowners who thrive in an organized space, transform your mudroom into a command center for your home! Include special features like hooks baskets for organizing keys and mail as well as a stylish-yet-functional dry-erase or cork board for displaying calendars and essential papers. Assigned nooks and cubbies for holding shoes, backpacks and sports gear are handy options for families with kids.


Bring order to the room by turning an empty corner into a convenient catch-all for your home with limited space. Blend a mixture of shelving and hooks to deliver an area for grab-and-go items. Homeowners can also opt for a shoe rack and built-in seating bench for additional convenience.


Boost the efficiency factor of your mudroom by combining it with your laundry, hobby space or pet area! Personalize your mudroom to reflect your family’s needs by adding particular elements like an oversized washtub for grooming pets, a washing machine and dryer unit or a small gathering table for arts and crafts. The possibilities are endless when opting for a two-in-one space!


Level Craft Construction can help elevate your home’s overall functionality and appeal when you are considering adding a mudroom to your home construction, renovation or revival plan:

  • Adds Organization, Storage and Order
  • Promotes Functionality
  • Minimizes Clutter
  • Improves Personalization and Customization
  • Increases Home Value

Visit the Level Craft Construction online portfolio for inspiration from previous construction, renovation and revival projects!

Are you ready to partner with Level Craft Construction to create your dream mudroom? Get started today by calling 404-704-7350 or visit the Hire Us page at www.LevelCraftAtlanta.com.

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