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As the saying goes, successful ventures don’t do anything different, they just do things differently. It is a known fact that restaurants are rather high-risk ventures, which is why it becomes all the more important to attempt to create a greater impact. When it comes to such ventures, though, Akademia BC, a brew pub in Athens, Ga., seems to have already carved its own place, and here’s how.

Akademia BC

Beer Night!

Restaurants are either a make or break proposition, wherein factors like hospitality, ambience, and so on, play a major role in determining the path your restaurant might be headed to. On a deeper level though, this roots back to the psychological room that the said restaurant creates—fret not, Akademia BC has this front covered too.

With hand-crafted beers on the tap all throughout the week, Akademia BC is by far one of the most welcoming restaurants around. After all, a restaurant that not only serves you with exquisite beers but also helps you build an appreciative taste for it is definitely worth trying out, to state the least. It’s not just a very wholesome atmosphere, but because it is in a college town it caters to  night owls too!

What You See is How You Feel!

If there is something as quintessential as the palatable offerings itself, it is the ambience; and interior design is a pivotal aspect of the said attribute of ambience. With large rooms for events and reservations, it is better to leave it to the visitor’s discretion to decide how greatly and meticulously Akademia BC is designed.

Having lounges that are equipped with comfortable couches, top-of-the-line industrial restaurant furniture, filled with plush materials, be it table coverings or the choice of wood to make the table entirely, Akademia BC makes no compromises when it comes to the choice of interior design.

Additionally, with the idea of Akademia Event Space, Akademia provides a giant room that is lined with tables across a wall-to-wall mural, sound systems and infotainment ideas to your heart’s delight, and of course, unending Akademia Beer. Sounds like Paradise, if you ask us.

Dreams, Themes, and More!

Let’s face it, most breweries are plain boring. We don’t want to add more banality to your life now, do we? Again, Akademia BC has spiced up this front too (unapologetic for intended puns hitherto). Taking advantage of various occasions or festivity is the game, at least when it comes to Akademia BC.

With most events shifting online in this technology-plagued world, Akademia is here to help you celebrate festivities and enjoy them thoroughly in person. On that note, Friday the 13th is held in great regards by Akademia BC. Not only are you welcomed by Voorhees himself, so to state, but there’s a special drink to add to it too—the Paraskevidekatriaphobia.

While monikers are misleading, the Paraskevidekatriaphobia is a luscious offering by Akademia BC. Plagued with rich flavours of cocoa, it is paradise for the ones who are willing to delve into unknown territories. After all, variety is the spice of life, and Akademia is here to make you believe in the said maxim.

Lucious & Delicious!

We get it if beer isn’t your thing. Many of us prefer not indulging in alcohol, but there is no saying ‘no’ to food now, is there?

Akademia BC has something to offer to all its customers, after all, inclusion is a quintessential aspect of ensuring the smooth functioning of a restaurant, isn’t it? If you have a soft spot for ribs and fries, look no further. Maybe seafood is your palate’s delight? Akademia has you covered there too. Looking for vegan options? Fret not, Akademia has you covered there too.

Akademia believes in no compromises, be it the spectrum of choices, or the quality of them altogether. Maintaining a healthy balance of lip-smacking and filling, Akademia brings a lot to the table (we warned you about puns, didn’t we?).


The current pandemic has taken a toll on everyone all around the globe. With an air of uncertainty, we are far from the very seeding idea of normalcy. Unemployment, hunger and poverty are peaking and will continue to do so till some sense of stability is established.

Having teamed up with BottleShare, Akademia has led to the inception of an outreach program named ‘Think We Not Me’—wherein they have attempted to reach out to the less fortunate ones, and the ones who are desolate enough to fall short of even basic meals.

To Conclude

Academia has fed a great number of people in need. As a venture, it is only natural to feel for, and reach out to people in times of need. While one might not be able to extensively and actively participate in ameliorating the condition of the said section of society, a little monetary aid to such outreach programs go a long way in ensuring stability to humanity altogether.

While you are bound to have a great time at Akademia BC, it is pivotal for you to not miss out on this opportunity to make a great change to society, for the greater good.


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