sskitchen-small.jpgGood for builders and buyers, Design Studios can be huge 10,000 square foot facilities or much smaller. Either way, this growing real estate trend is allowing buyers to personalize their homes — even entry level homes — like never before. The choices can be overwhelming, but builders have structured the process to make it easy and fun. Some of our favorite design studios in the Atlanta area are:
    – Bowen Family Homes
    – Jim Chapman Homes
    – McCar Homes
    – Monte Hewett Homes
    – Peachtree Hills Place
    – Touchstone Homes
    – Traton Homes
    – Winmark Homes
    Let me know which ones are your favorites & why. Know Atlanta magazine has an article on this growing real estate trend in their Fall 2006 edition. This photo is from the Bowen Family Homes Selection Studio.

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