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Design By Intent® is pleased to introduce InnovatoTM Wall Hung SwapAbleTM Shower Furniture. The SwapAble line is the most flexible and modular shower safety system in existence. It provides dedicated installation of components that can be interchanged for people with disabilities and able-bodid users. In addition, it is the only shower chair that allows pre-planning for future aging in place needs by allowing for the mounted shower chair to be swapped out with other functional accessories such as grab bars, towel bars, shelves or shaving footrests.

“As homeowners plan to age in place, they can be in control by installing the mounting bracket with an accessory and then at any time they need it, clip on the swing down seat,” stated Terri Gelman, CEO and owner of  E&T Horizons, LLC. “This is important because most people wait until an accident has already happened and they are coming back from rehab, surgery, or the hospital, and then realize they have to reconfigure their shower for their new normal.”

options for SwapAble Shower FurnitureThe industry has recognized the importance of planning for aging in place, and architects, interior designers, home builders, developers and remodelers appreciate this innovative product which allows beautiful, elegant bath spaces to be designed that are functional for multifamily communities, hotels, single family homes, multifamily homes,  and retirement communities.

Bathrooms are now a showpiece of homes and a top area for remodels as Baby Boomers age. Today’s homeowners want fashionable, elegant bathrooms, not designs that are medical or institutional.

Trends in how we live demand that today’s bathrooms be more flexible than ever. The typical home bathroom needs to be safe for visits from older parents and relatives. And, as the popularity of multigenerational homes, with as many as three generations under one roof increases, bathrooms need to be safe for children, their parents and grandparents. Add Baby Boomers who want to stay in their homes while they age, and it is easy to see how Innovato’s functional design addresses all these trends beautifully.

The Innovato SwapAble Shower Chair Set was a finalist for the 2020 Best of KBIS Awards. Regarded as one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, only 50 products a year are named finalists for this highly competitive award. The Best of KBIS recognizes the most innovative new kitchen and bath products of the year.

Include InnovatoTM Wall Hung SwapAbleTM Shower Furniture in your next remodel, active adult community, hotel or custom home. For more information, call 888-965-0070, or contact sales@decoteak.com or visit www.DecoTeak.com.

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