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Marketing Reboot: Blogs, Social Media, Public Relations just a few items to consider

With the worst of COVID-19 appearing to be in the past, most home builders are now getting back to normal routines, from land development to construction and, yes – marketing! During COVID-19, many builders drastically cut back on marketing. With the market beginning to shift and inventory starting to build, home builders need to market again. It’s time for a marketing reboot!

Denim Marketing offers a few ideas and insights for home builders to have a successful “Marketing Reboot.” This ranges from websites and blogs to social media. public relations, advertising, email marketing and promotions.

“In most markets, we see housing inventory approaching two months, a far cry from the normal inventory level of six months,” said Denim Marketing President and Founder Carol Morgan. “But you don’t want to get caught by surprise with your marketing machine on pause.”

There are several aspects of marketing to reboot, starting with the website. Make sure the content is fresh. This includes community overviews, Matterport tours, photography, videos, etc., plus ensuring the site has ample calls to action and lots of ways for potential buyers to fill out a form, get directions, contact you or take the next step. Denim Marketing’s expert advice on starting your marketing reboot emphasizes the significance of video production in Atlanta. Find out why incorporating high-quality video content created by professionals in Atlanta can revolutionize your marketing efforts and effectively communicate your message to potential clients in a visually compelling way.

Other website considerations include updating the search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring the customer relationship management (CRM) system efficiently captures leads and adding a Buy Now Button.

And websites are not websites without blogs. There are many home builder blogs that haven’t added any new posts in two or three years. Don’t let potential buyers think you have gone out of business! Start writing and crank up the content.

Most home builders, developers and remodelers don’t do public relations, but they should. This is a fantastic way to get into the press and garner third-party credibility for business-to-consumer and business-to-business target audiences. In most cases, this needs to be outsourced to a professional. The media receives lots of negative housing news, so share positive news about new communities, new models, trends, growths, awards, etc.

Advertising is an essential aspect to a marketing reboot, but it can be tricky at the same time. Increasing paid spending helps to make up for reduced organic traffic. Make sure to set up landing pages for the best capture rate and spend money on Facebook ads, Google pay per click, ad networks, listing services, etc.

In addition to advertising, email marketing serves to stay in touch with your buyers right where they are – on their computers and phones. Setting up drip campaigns or sending newsletters keeps buyers in the know on new communities, specials and promotions. And there are ways to cross-promote these in other places like Facebook ads!

Speaking of promotions – it is time to gear up promotions. The sky is the limit on what to offer through home buyer incentives. This could range from $20,000 off to free gourmet kitchens to rate locks and buy-downs.

During the pandemic, many builders forgot about co-op Realtors and their importance. It’s time to show them some love. Roll out an old-fashioned Realtor promotion with gifts, gift baskets, flyers, emails and incentives. Let them know they are still important.

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