You may think that reading, working out and eating well are the only things that can keep you sharp. However, if you’re looking to perform at the top of your game in any field, consider your work and home environments. You should be giving your brain plenty of time to work and rest. Follow these simple Atlanta home decorating tips to get the most out of your space AND your noggin!

  1. Paint resting areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms in cool and relaxing colors such as pale blues or greens.
  2. Paint offices in bold, warm colors such as orange. This will keep your energy high and your brain stimulated.
  3. Paint workout rooms in bright, warm colors such as red. Red will keep your heart pumping and help you get the most out of your workout.
  4. Paint relaxation/thinking areas such as sunrooms in lavender. Lavender is shown to help people with thought and reflection, and is often a good choice for chapels.

The intensity of color can greatly change the feel, so make sure you are aware of the clean versus muted versions. PPG Porter Paints has their fan deck divided into clean, muted and neutral sections, so it’s really easy to use! You can also refer to the color numbers. A number in the 500s refers to a very muted color and a number in the 100s refers to a very clean color (or a color lacking any gray or complementing tones). If you are looking for an energizing color, look in the 100s and 200s such as 126-6 Cajun Shrimp. If you want a more relaxing color, look in the 400s or 500s such as 550-3 Simply Elegant.

Color is an amazing tool that can truly change the way you live. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when your environments are organized and decorated properly for work, play or sleep!

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