DeclutterClutter: the common enemy of many of your Grovetown new homes. Unorganized messes can literally muddle up your home and your life, so take a few tips from Keystone Homes about how to rid yourself of this forever.

First, take a moment to look around your home and find your ‘drop zones.’ These are the places that you frequently drop off items such as the mail, purses, wallets, keys, shoes, coats, backpacks, etc. when entering and exiting your home.

After figuring out your drop zones, it is time to come up with solutions for your clutter. Home organization items are a great help during this step, and many can easily add to your home’s décor. Try a decorative key holder, dish or small basket for your keys and mail.

If you have an entryway coat closet in your new home, take some time to clean it out, so it can be put to use instead of  having coats laying all around your home. Adding hooks to the entryway walls, shelving to the closet and multifunctional furniture, such as baskets or a bench with a hidden inside compartment, are other great ways to tame the clutter beast.

Create a mail station to help you sort through your paper clutter right away, so documents don’t pile up. This can be easily achieved by adding a small trash can for junk, a shredder for sensitive documents, a recycling bin and a ‘keep’ basket. If you have a home office, but are out of a habit of taking mail into it, place a mail basket at your entryway drop zone. Just be sure to transfer the mail to the home office once a week or every few days, depending on the quantity of mail you receive.

Another great decluttering idea consists of having a charging station for your cell phones. Create this by adding an electrical strip near the front door and leaving it plugged in with cell phone charger cords. Then, when entering your home, drop of your cell phone for a charge right away!

New Grovetown homes built with pride offer homebuyers of every type an opportunity to live in a wonderfully constructed and planned community. Visit the Keystone Homes website and learn about all of the excellent communities we offer. Who knows, you just may find your home of tomorrow, today!

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