Atlanta new homesBefore planning the colors for your new home or sprucing up the home you’re going to sell in exchange for your dream home from Piedmont Residential, you should consider the color messages from this year’s International Builders’ Show.

Use this mini questionnaire to help direct your paint choices:

  1. Which specific room are you doing? Don’t get carried away with a painting spree if only a few spaces need a new look.
  2. How many windows are there? You’ll want to consider the amount of natural light your room has.
  3. Who will use the room?
  4. What will you being doing in that particular room? Whether you’re painting your bedroom or your living room makes a huge difference in the choice you’ll make.
  5. Will it be active or peaceful?

Once you’ve finished the questionnaire, it’s time to start picking colors. Thanks to technology, this is easier than ever. Many paint companies now have apps that allow you to take pictures of fabrics, furniture and accent pieces you have in your room to create custom color palettes.

Still stuck? Blues aren’t just for boy’s rooms and beach houses any more, decorating with shades of blue can add an urban feel to any room. Looking to refresh?  Try using shades of green. Or, if you’re looking to add a pop of color, try painting the room in shades of grey or beige and then adding accents and fabrics with plenty of color in them.

While these are some of the top color trends for 2013, ultimately, you need to make the space something you can live with and enjoy for many years.

Remember, you are just a gallon away from “same address, new home.”

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