Marble countertops being installedWe were excited to be featured in a customer’s blog at the end of June for the marble countertops we installed in her Atlanta kitchen. From selection to installation and care, Courtney Foster Shearer shared how we worked with her to find the right blend of pretty and practical with marble slabs protected by DuPont BulletProof sealer to keep the gorgeous, porous stone safe from stains and discoloration. Just a sample form the full article on The Cow Spot: “I mean, does it honestly get prettier than this? The movement and colors in this top are insane. It’s literally so beautiful and the guys from Construction Resources did such a great job lining up the seams so the veins flow with such a fluid movement.”

This is just the most recent public praise we have received from consumers, with everything from letters to posts on social media to flower deliveries for making home upgrades as easy and pleasant as possible. From just this year, customers have spoken out again and again, here’s just a few of the comments we recently received:

  • “Your personal attentiveness to my small project was very much appreciated.”
  • “Who would not want a countertop with the words ‘ale house’ in it? We’re gonna take everyone we know and spread the love.”
  • “I just wanted to say in writing how very impressed I was with the men who installed my Cambria countertops recently. What a terrific, professional job they did. I have had many people working in my home recently, and none stand out more than these two gentlemen.”
  • “We have been very happy with the counter and have adjusted to the heavier, deeper sink very nicely.”

Call us today or stop by any of our Atlanta design centers to start working with our industry and customer service-awarded professionals; and have no doubt that we will perform service for you that will have you happy to share your experience, too!

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