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Award-winning Atlanta home builder Harcrest Homes takes great pride in its commitment to homebuyers and continues to set the standard for excellence in the homebuilding industry. Thanks to a special homebuyer, the builder received the opportunity to deliver an amazing lakefront home with a uniquely adapted design.

Before meeting Mike Smith with Harcrest Homes, Patrick Zeemer and Jennifer Waite couldn’t find a builder to make their lakefront property dreams come true. With a dream home vision in one hand and a construction loan in the other, Patrick and Jennifer searched meticulously for the right builder to create the perfect lakefront home. Previously the couple had talked with two builders, but Patrick felt they were either too expensive or the communication wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

One day, Patrick and Jennifer were driving around their community, Sterling on the Lake, and they decided to take a look at the Harcrest Homes model. Upon arriving, they met Mike and began a lengthy conversation about their dream home. During the discussion, Patrick outlined his vision for their new home –  lakefront views and a basement in-law suite for income purposes.

Fortunately, Mike was a great fit for the couple, so they began forming plans to make their lakefront home a reality! Since their lot was not on the lake, but across the street from it, the home needed a unique design that ushered in lake views from the front rather than the rear.

Luckily, Mike was up for the job. He altered an existing Harcrest Homes plan to fit the unique needs of Patrick and Jennifer’s property. Through small design changes, Mike created a wonderful home for the couple that offers exceptional features including dining and living areas with large bay windows looking out toward the lake, as well as several bedrooms that provide stunning views of the vista.

Patrick and Jennifer now enjoy a beautiful four-bedroom home with 1,300 square feet of rentable basement living space that includes a kitchen, bath and laundry room. With Mike’s help, they also designed a lovely outdoor living space outside the owner’s suite where they can always enjoy the home’s incredible front-facing view of the lake.

Patrick is exceptionally pleased with the craftsmanship that went into the home’s open-concept kitchen, dining and living areas. The couple specifically requested certain KitchenAid appliances, and the Harcrest team went above and beyond to meet their desires. Mike was also attentive to their priorities when they opted out of high-end designs for their secondary spaces and chose budget-friendly standard designs from Harcrest Homes instead.

The only issue encountered during construction was that the driveway was not the correct width the couple required for income property purposes. To address this concern, Mike was notified and promptly returned to resolve the issue. Today, Patrick recommends Harcrest Homes to many of his friends and colleagues.

“The nightmare stories I’ve heard from other people are about builders’ unwillingness [to listen],” Patrick said. “For us, nothing was left. It was all addressed.”

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