Questions for your Credit RatingWith new rules coming out all the time and new consumers coming onto market, there are plenty of credit mysteries to be dispelled. The Equifax Finance Blog is looking to help out consumers both old and new to get their credit score as high as possible, so that they can take advantage of the best loan rates and enjoy the most favorable conditions.

The newest part in their series of FAQ posts, “

Responding to Your Frequently Asked Credit Questions,” addresses some of the discrepancies you may find when you check your credit report and score. You can find detailed answers to questions such as:

  • Why does a lender see a different credit score than what’s on my Equifax credit report?
  • Why is my credit score different among the three nationwide credit reporting agencies?
  • How do I dispute an error in my credit report?

The series will continue with more credit report questions and answers, so be sure to ask them if you have a question or concern. The Equifax Finance Blog is also a great place to learn about how to save money, avoid debt and

protection from identity theft. Get even more help with the Equifax Complete and Privacy One subscription systems.

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