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    We know it when we see it, strong design that appeals to something in us, that spurs action and response, but creating effective graphic design is more than pretty images. On today’s Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Marketing Minute segment, presented by Denim Marketing, Denim Marketing president Carol Morgan and Marketing Relevance president Mitch Levinson discuss with host Todd Schnick the elements of strong design.

    According to Levinson, successful graphic design “delivers a message and gets buyers to take action.” Good design sends the message that when people use or buy a product, their life will be improved and changed by that product. Knowing it will be effectual is what takes time and testing. Asking potential customers and focus groups, running tracking reports and sending surveys will all help identify if designs create the intended response.

    To lead with relevance and then show value, Morgan says design needs to capture attention first, in order to create value and meaning. She stresses that testing has become very inexpensive with the advent of Facebook and Google ads. Levinson adds that studying competitors or the big players can help hone ideas and decisions. They both stress that design for intended audiences is driven by data, which is how strategic marketing comes into play.

    The pair offer a few tips for design consideration, such as thoughtful use of white space, highest quality images and the move toward new technologies like video, 3D video, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. “You need visuals,” says Levinson. That is what evokes emotion, and thereby response.

    To learn more about how design can work for you, contact Carol Morgan or Mitch Levinson, and listen to today’s segment.

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