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One of the most challenging aspects of marketing for businesses is content and content strategy. Today, on the Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss how to find, use and distribute content that drives traffic.

Morgan says that one thing she hears often from clients when discussing content is “We don’t have anything to say.” When she hears this, she sees it as an opportunity to challenge managers to think about content strategically. This means understanding what makes a good story, developing it into content and then finding avenues to share that content. Every company has stories, and people respond to stories.

As an example, Morgan describes a case where an employee brings her dog to work. This is a human interest story that will gain some traction. It may not be a news release, but this could certainly work as a blog post. What this content does is keep the business at the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

Another way businesses can use content, Schnick says is to respond to “a customer service disaster.” Using blogs, social media and news releases can help in preserving or rescuing a company’s reputation. Done well, this kind of content often becomes viral, bringing positive attention through a negative situation.

The main thing, Morgan and Schnick agree, is to create a content strategy and be consistent. According to Morgan, “the companies that do this more often and more consistently will be top of mind,” with consumers.

They advise clients to cull their businesses for stories, and then to think about what content should go where. As mentioned above, some content is best as a release and others make great tweets. Further, one idea can be used across multiple channels with some readjustments. The creation of and attention to an editorial or content strategy and calendar helps companies continue to find stories, create content and get good customer interaction.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more about creating content.


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