The successful Atlanta condo auction held at Cosmopolitan at Buckhead, which Atlanta Real Estate Forum has been covering from the beginning, is receiving national recognition from Multi-Housing News. By selling 43 unites in only two hours, the condo auction at Cosmopolitan is creating quite a stir in the housing market. However, many are wondering if the success of the auction is a positive sign for the real estate industry or a negative sign.

We say that no way can 43 Atlanta new homes selling in two hours be a negative sign for the real estate market. 43 units sold in two hours! That’s amazing, and it means that 43 condos were absorbed from Atlanta’s inventory numbers.

The article on covers all aspects of the auction. For example, we learn how the developers came to the decision to auction off these new Atlanta condos instead of try other means, like renting the homes. It also touches on the difference in price on the Cosmopolitan at Buckhead condos from the peak period to the auction. Plus, we are really excited to see an event in Atlanta real estate making headlines and receiving national recognition. So, take a free moment, check out the article and let us know your opinion of the auction – whether it is a positive or negative sign for the real estate market.

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