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Corporate Environments’ strategic partnership with workplace strategy research firm Doris Research enhances Corporate Environments’ new “Workforce Strategy” initiative through the Hello HybridHello Hybrid program. Spearheaded by Corporate Environments’ Workforce Strategist, Stephanie Renaud, this initiative focuses on how to help leadership teams define direction, establish communication and enable staff to come back to work and be successful in a hybrid workforce model.

“As businesses navigate the return to work from the pandemic, our partnership with Doris Research helps Corporate Environments better support our customers and partners with a return-to-work program,” said Jay Weiland, President of Corporate Environments.

“The Hello Hybrid program is extremely valuable for facilitating conversations with staff. It prioritizes trust while looking at accountability, psychological safety and culture. Once data is gathered, a road map can be created to get companies back to work,” comments Renaud. “Hello Hybrid helps companies to determine what works best for their organization.”

Corporate Environments’ partnership with Hello Hybrid allows them to offer different levels of Workplace Strategy through the Hello Hybrid solution. Companies can choose one service, a combination of services or all the following services:

Hello Hybrid playbook only – The Hello Hybrid playbook is a workbook that companies can purchase and facilitate the process step-by-step themselves.

Hello Hybrid workshops – These workshops can be facilitated virtually à la carte or through a full workshop package with on-site facilitation through DORIS.

Hello HybridCorporate Environments’ Workplace Strategy consulting services provide the most robust solution. Companies get the benefit of both the DORIS facilitator and a consultant to help make decisions and figure out what all the data means. Step one of this process includes executive interviews, focus groups, space analysis and more. The second step focuses on results implementation, corporate coaching, problem solving and championing the business drivers/values/needs as they relate to workplace wellness/effectiveness throughout the interior design process and building lifespan.

Renaud comments, “Our consulting services give companies actionable items. We take the data and generalities from Hello Hybrid and take a granular look to help inform decisions based on business needs and drivers.”  She continues, “Our goal is to build a relationship with your business and partner with you to ensure that your workforce reentry is efficient and effective. Whether or not you buy furniture from us, we want to be your partner. We have a clearly defined menu of choices. You don’t have to choose everything; it is very à la carte.”

On top of the human resources workforce decision making, Corporate Environments also offers a technology package that includes entryway sensors, occupancy sensors, badge data, sound masking and conferencing/scheduling technology.

After going through the Workforce Strategy initiative, businesses can choose to design and rework their internal office space. For companies that select this option, Renaud will interface with them and the Corporate Environments interior design team to provide the best solution and configuration.

Corporate Environments helps clients develop spaces that are efficient, inviting and safe, and is currently focused on providing businesses with functional and agile solutions in response to pandemic-related needs. The team is working with a diverse group of manufacturers to create spaces that provide healthy environments and improve the patient experience.

For more information on Corporate Environments, visit www.CorporateEnvironments.com.

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