Density heat mapping

Corporate Environments is helping businesses improve space utilization while reducing costs. Through a partnership with Density, Corporate Environments can identify underutilized space, consolidate square footage, track improvements over time and avoid future waste.

“As businesses return to offices and work through decisions related to hybrid work, Corporate Environments is able to help them make intelligent choices thanks to Density’s state-of-the-art platform,” said Jay Weiland, president of Corporate Environments. “Density is an additional tool in our Workforce and Technology Strategy Services, and we’re proud to offer the only Density showroom experience in Georgia.”

Corporate Environments has teamed up with DORIS Research, Density and other partners to find the answers to complex problems.

“We balance the best of both remote and in-office work by engaging our client’s staff,” Weiland said. “Then together we build a productive workplace and an engaging culture that best optimizes the hybrid working model.”

Density takes the guesswork out of current and future space needs by identifying the best- and worst-performing spaces. This intelligence helps make decisions on whether to renovate, relocate or repurpose clear.

Because Density monitors workplace teams in real-time, it can count people as they move through entry points or various spaces. This helps to create utilization benchmarks and gain overall portfolio visibility into how spaces perform. This data allows companies to maximize square footage and avoid future waste. Additionally, Density measures occupancy limits and will alert staff if occupancy levels reach social distancing limits. All this data can be accessed from the Integrated Workplace Management System (WMS) and workplace applications.

Density dashboard map

Some of the top reasons businesses use Density:

  1. Set new square footage standards
  2. Simplify space planning
  3. Inform workplace design
  4. Manage operating expenses
  5. Transition to an agile workplace
  6. Ensure safe return to office
  7. Identify utilization trends at scale
  8. Quantify underutilized space
  9. Streamline facility management
  10. Track and predict growth patterns

Join top companies such as Pinterest, Okta, Splunk, VMware and others to explore how Density can improve company workflow.

Corporate Environments helps clients develop spaces that are efficient, inviting and safe, and is currently focused on providing businesses with functional and agile solutions in response to pandemic-related needs. The team is working with a diverse group of manufacturers to create spaces that provide healthy environments and improve the customer experience. For more information on Corporate Environments, visit

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