new homes in atlantaMonty Python may have demanded a shrubbery, but homebuyers in the Atlanta market want much more than just some bushes and landscaping! Consumers are demanding new homes in Atlanta and the sales pace has picked up steadily all year. In fact, according to Eugene James with Metro Study, demand is outpacing supply. For those that may have slept through Economics 101, this means that if you are in the market for a new home, you need to act quickly before prices start to increase.

Another factor leading to steady home sales is job growth. Atlanta has been fortunate to see more than 24 months of positive job growth. Affordability is yet another reason that homes are moving quickly. With low, low interest rates and historically low home prices, buyers can get a lot of home for their dollar.

Today’s homes are fully loaded, especially in contrast to my first home which was a fixer-upper in every sense of the word. Standard features typically include granite countertops, stainless steal appliances, hardwood flooring in high traffic areas, kitchen islands, large closets and walk in pantries.

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I’d love to know what features you are looking for in your new home. What are your must haves and what are your nice to haves?

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