Stone Profit SystemsConstruction Resources has partnered with the largest IT company in the stone and tile industry to help further streamline its accounting, inventory and scheduling processes. Stone Profit Systems’ web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will allow Construction Resources to serve its stone and tile-buying customers faster and more efficiently through a variety of different features.

The new software provides inventory bar-coding capability, which tracks individual products as they move through production, around the warehouse and into customer hands. Construction Resources will be able to do a full physical count of all its slabs and search its inventory using customer-specified criteria in just a few moments, giving customers instant comprehensive job costing.

Another feature of Stone Profit’s software is clear and organized scheduling of deliveries with the ability to view the inventory in each truck and give drivers the fastest and safest route to their destinations. This will ensure the timely arrival of the appropriate installation-ready products.

Construction Resources’ team members can access the web-based software anywhere that the Internet can be reached. Whether it is on a desktop at one of the company’s showrooms or on a phone or tablet at a job site, the installation-free software takes advantage of the today’s wireless technology.

Customers can rest assured that their information is safe with Stone Profit Systems’ password-protected software and that every user’s login session can be tracked and recorded for security purposes.

Construction Resources is excited to use Stone Profit Systems’ efficient and organized online software and is thrilled to be able to offer stone customers even faster quality service. For more information about Construction Resources’ products, visit

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