Cambria countertops at Construction ResourcesWith one of the largest slab galleries in the Southeast, a huge design center that provides the best in materials for key areas of the home, huge fabrication facilities and award-winning installation teams, you might think there’s no direction for Construction Resources to grow in Decatur – but you’d be wrong! While working on last weekend’s Spring Clearance sale, Construction Resources has been quietly growing and is now ready to share that they have purchased a new building for their signature line of high quality countertop material, Cambria.

As a Lexus Partner of the Minnesota-based countertop company, Construction Resources is the place to get your Cambria countertops. To make sure that they have the material you need for any size job in any of Cambria’s over 100 design profiles, Construction Resources has expanded to a new warehouse at 3000 Pine Street. This new space has been outfitted with high-quality storage and new cranes that can move the 55-inch by 120-inch Cambria slabs easily, and is staffed by inventory professionals who have each piece of material bar coded so that inventory levels and positions are carefully monitored. It’s a good thing, as there are over 2,300 slabs in stock at the new facility!

This expansion will help make sure that Construction Resources has the Cambria material you need on hand, whether you are seeking to change out your kitchen island or if you are a builder looking to put Cambria in a new housing development or commercial application. With Cambria, the sky is the limit! Visit the Construction Resources’ main facility in Decatur at 224 Rio Circle today to see this new facility, along with the new Atlanta Glass and Mirror building, and everything else that Construction Resources can offer to upgrade your home.

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