Sunshine on a Ranney Day BathroomRecently, Construction Resources had the privilege to team up with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a non-profit that creates dream room makeovers for children with long term illnesses, to help with recipients Tashawn “Ta” and sister Alissa’s bedrooms. The company’s Atlanta Kitchen donated Cambria countertops for the children’s newly renovated bathrooms.

This brother and sister were adopted into their current family through the foster system. Eight- year-old Ta was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a seizure disorder at a young age. Ta uses a wheelchair to maneuver around and enjoys playing wheelchair sports and swimming. Ta’s sister Alissa has severe acid reflux disease and digestive disorders. The children’s mother Ali is a social worker who is passionate about making children’s dreams come true, making them the the perfect family for a Ranney Day makeover.

The makeover was revealed on June 21, 2014 and featured new additions including laminate flooring to increase accessibility of Ta’s wheelchair, an electric chairlift from the garage to the main living area and a roll-in shower. Atlanta Kitchen’s Cambria countertops in Bellingham coloring complements the greens and neutrals featured in the bathroom decor. The strength of the quartz will offer the family durability and low maintenance upkeep.

“We loved having the opportunity to work with an organization as incredible as Sunshine on a Ranney Day,” explained Sonny Hires, co-owner of Construction Resources. “We hope that our contributions helped make a difference in the life of this deserving family.”

The family was more than ecstatic when they were finally able to see their new home. To learn more about Ta and Alissa’s story and to see pictures of the makeover, click here. To browse Cambria countertops and the other products that Construction Resources has to offer, visit

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