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Pressing forward with innovations for Atlanta-area home remodeling, Construction Resources has just acquired a new piece of machinery – the Park Fusion Sawjet 6000! The Park Fusion Sawjet uses both waterjet and diamond tools to produce cut-to-shape parts with optimal speed, making it perfect for custom work. This combination tool can fabricate a full slab in as little as 20 minutes without needing a break or recalibration, so you can look forward to receiving your Construction Resources order sooner!

The Park Fusion is driven by proprietary software that can make design even easier by presenting a digital version of a slab. This means you can determine which parts of a slab you like best to combine to create the counter surface that is uniquely you. As no naturally-occurring slab is uniform, you can choose the areas with the most veining or color variations for your product and see it digitally represented before any fabrication work is done. The additional freedom this gives designers will lead to more amazing projects for our customers.

The Park Fusion will be installed at our Decatur fabrication facility this month, and we are looking forward to using it to greatly increase our production capabilities for residential and commercial jobs by February. To see the new equipment as well as take a tour of our completely redesigned and renovated showroom, visit the campus at 224 Rio Circle in Decatur and learn more at CRHomeUSA.com!

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