atlanta kitchen remodelingMany homeowners have started thinking about Atlanta kitchen remodeling as the holidays draw nearer. However, as with any remodeling or construction process, the team at Cardinal Construction urges you to make three important decisions before getting to work.

  1. What items you need to include to make the remodel worthwhile.
  2. The items you would like to have, but are not essential, if they are in your budget.
  3. The items on your dream list.

By answering these three questions without considering space constraints, our team will be able to explore a wider range of possibilities for your kitchen remodel Atlanta. Once we know your style and needs, we will then look at your existing space to see if it meshes with the type of remodel you envision. If we need to look outside the confines of your existing space, we can then look at the surrounding areas of your home or consider adding on more square footage to help you get the chef’s space you’ve always imagined.

As always, our professional and experienced team will work alongside our homeowners to create an end result that not only matches the flow of the rest of the home, but also is what you really want. Our ultimate goal is to help you add function and value, while also keeping an eye on your wallet.

If you’re thinking about transforming your culinary space or any other area of your home, visit or call 770-814-7331.

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