Computer Museum of America Preserves the Past to Inspire the Future

Computers have undoubtedly evolved from their humble beginnings to the lifeline super machines they are today. Computer Museum of America (CMoA) Founder Lonnie Mimms and Vice President Karin Mimms join this week’s Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the museum’s mission, artifacts and exhibits with co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick.

What initially started as an effort to collect and protect vintage computers has evolved into one of the world’s most all-inclusive collections of computing artifacts, helping preserve the history of computing for generations to come. CMoA serves as a permanent record of the computer evolution process and the market experiments that drove discovery forward.

Visitors of all ages enjoy engaging exhibits that share stories and highlight artifacts throughout the history of computing. In addition to temporary pop-up exhibits, CMoA has loaned rare artifacts to other museums including the Smithsonian Institution.

Current exhibits include:

A Tribute to Apollo 11
Beginning with an animated documentary, Getting to the Moon and Back, A Tribute to Apollo 11 shows the type of computers that NASA used from an IBM 3420, a front panel of an IBM 360, modular computer systems and more. Completely immerse yourself in the history of Rocketry, the race to space and 3D views of space from the Apollo missions.

Supercomputing: Vanquishing the Impossible
Serving as a tribute to the father of supercomputing, Seymour Cray, this exhibit displays more than 70 supercomputers showing weather predictions, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more. From the iconic Cray1A and Pixar Machine, Sun Microsystems, to the Connection Machine 2 and a life-size mural of the IBM summit.

Timeline of Computer History

Beginning with the catalysts of the digital age including an abacus, slide rules, a rotary telephone and a transistor radio, this exhibit takes you through the decades with its artifacts of the digital past that include a Datapoint 2200, original Apple 1, the infamous RadioShack TRS80, a rare Apple Lisa 1, Gameboy, Nintendo, Commodore 64 and more.

Byte Wall Magazine Collection
A true display of nostalgia, CMoA also features a complete collection of Byte magazine covers including special editions. Step back in time and see how Byte Magazine covers told stories and moved to a product catalog. Two original Robert Tinney artwork covers are on display in the collection.

The computer museum offers a fun, thought-provoking way to learn about the digital age. To learn more about CMoA including its unique artifacts, plans to expand and more, listen to the complete interview above or visit

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