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Picking the appropriate car-shipping company makes all the difference during a relocation experience. When planning a long-distance move, there is a lot to consider. Between fine-tuning the details and packing, it’s difficult to find time to sift through car shipping companies to land the right one. Selecting a business that perfectly fits your requirements and offers professional services is essential.

Why You Need the Services of a Car Shipping Company

Shipping a car can be costly. However, buying a brand-new vehicle after relocating more often proves to be the more expensive option. There are many additional reasons to use the services of a reputable car shipping company:


The savings will likely outweigh the price of shipping. When opting for a car shipping company, customers receive a flat-rate and predetermined fee during transport. Make sure to get a binding estimate to avoid any extra fees.


The services of a car shipping company extend past transport. For one, clients can take advantage of storage! Furthermore, most companies will work with the customer to ensure the relocation process works best for them.

Professional Handling

With the assistance of an auto shipping company, the car will arrive without a scratch. The company will ensure that the vehicle is secured correctly and transported with care to avoid any damage.

Avoid Wear and Tear

Wear and tear will likely occur when relocating a vehicle without professional assistance. Driving a car long distance places an incredible amount of stress on it, causing wear and tear and potential damage to components. This option is not ideal because it causes unnecessary deterioration. Not to mention it can be exhausting for the driver.

Comparing Car Shipping Companies

In choosing a car shipping firm, use specific tactics to pick one to handle your needs without any issue. These methods help determine the ideal firm to transport your vehicle.

1) Ask for Referrals from Experts

Before narrowing down companies, ask for advice from those with the most contact with the relocation industry. Real estate agents speak with trucking companies daily and know which businesses are dependable and reputable. This word of mouth is reliable and the best bet for finding the ideal car shipping company. Make sure to read reviews, such as Montway Auto Transport reviews from third-party sources.

2) Get Price Quotes from Two or Three Businesses

Before picking an automobile shipper, get estimates from two or three firms. Compare prices to discover which business offers a reasonable rate. Do your diligence and search online for car shipping companies providing a quote without too much hassle.

3) Testimonials Are Important 

As with any service type, customer testimonials are crucial. A car shipping company with glowing testimonies from past customers will likely offer exceptional services and care for its clients.

4) Get Company Information

Find out as much as possible about any firm before making a final decision. Do they have years of experience? Is it a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? How long has the company been in business? These are essential questions to answer.

5) Ask for a Binding Quote

Make sure the quote is not just an estimate. Get one that is binding and will hold up in court should there be any discrepancies at the end of the move. Ask for a fixed price upfront to avoid the hassle.

The Bottom Line: Research

Many car shipping companies offer great rates and outstanding services. Always remember that the more thorough the research, the better off you’ll be at making an informed decision regarding which firm to choose for your relocation needs.

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